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Disposable Medical Mask

Disposable Medical Mask

Disposable medical mask Three floors, 176mmx97mm, 50piece

  • Features & Specification

    Basic Information

    Product NameDisposable medical mask
    Product specificationsThree floors, 176mmx97mm, 50piece
    Product nature and structureThe product is composed of a mask face body, a nose clip and a mask band, wherein the mask face body is formed by folding a nonwoven fabric and ultrasonically compounding. This product is sterilized by ethylene oxide and is a sterile mask. The residual amount of ethylene oxide is not more than 10μg/g.

    Moisture-proof nonwoven   It can filter large particles and block water vapor, mist, visible dust, etc.

    Meltblown filter cloth  Layer filtration, clean breathing

    Long fiber nonwoven  Soft and comfortable to wear
    Exquisite workmanship

    High elasticity elastic band  Bold design, no damage to the face, comfortable to 


    Seamless crimping  Ultrasonic suture point technology, strong and durable

    individual package Easy to carry, clean and hygienic

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