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Magnesium Potassium Aspartate ,CAS NO 8076-65-1

Magnesium Potassium Aspartate ,CAS NO 8076-65-1

Magnesium potassium aspartate
CAS NO 8076-65-1
Formula C8H11KMgN2O8.C4H6KNO4
Molecular Weight 497.78148

  • Features & Specification

    Basic Information

    Product NameMagnesium potassium aspartate
    Product NoGIHI-67
    CAS NO8076-65-1
    Molecular Weight497.78148

    Product Quality

    1AppearanceWhite crystalline powder
    2Specific rotation D20-0.3°- +0.3°
    3State of solution95.0%
    5Heavy metals(Pb)10ppm
    10Loss on drying12.0%-16.0%
    11Assay(K DL-Asp)44.0%-47.5%
    12Water0.5% max
    13StorageStore at room temperature
    14IstructionElectrolyte supplements. For arrhythmias and premature beats, tachycardia, hypokalemia, hypomagnesium, heart failure, myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, hepatitis, cirrhosis and other diseases caused by cardioside poisoning.

    Usage:prevention of low potassium in the blood

                 The effect of Magnesium potassium aspartate

    1:Source of Potassium

    Magnesium potassium aspartate is a source of potassium. Adults need about 4,700 milligrams of this mineral per day for nerve and muscle function and to help maintain proper blood pressure levels. Other good sources of potassium include yogurt, milk, cantaloupe, apricots, bananas, orange juice, fish, chicken, nuts, greens, potatoes, celery, beans, sweet potato, tomatoes and winter squash.

    2:Potential Health Benefits

    Magnesium potassium aspartate may have some heart-health benefits. A study published in Chinese Critical Care Medicine in 2007 found that magnesium potassium aspartate acts as an antioxidant and may help limit the risk of an irregular heartbeat.

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